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    • Marble Sculpture 

      Naes, Maram (2018)
      XRF and FTIR analysis of Marble sculptural samples from Nabataean Petra
    • Metal-Organic Frameworks as drug delivery systems: The case of IRMOF-74-III and gemcitabine studied by MD simulations 

      Cournia, Zoe; Galdadas, Ioannis (BRFAA, 2017-04-27)
      A multiscale computational study is reported that investigates the microscopic behavior of the anti-cancer drug gemcitabine (GEM) stored in metal organic frameworks IRMOF-74-III and the functionalized OH-IRMOF-74-III. ...
    • Molecular Dynamics simulations of lysozyme in water 

      Cournia, Zoe (BRFAA, 2015-05-02)
      The main objective of this practical is to provide an overview of classical Molecu- lar Dynamics (MD) simulations and Normal Mode Analysis (NMA) by examining the protein Lysozyme within the framework of the NAMD program.
    • mrro 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • mrros 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • mrso 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • MY-ITEM-2 

    • pr 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • prc 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • Principles of Computer-Aided Drug Design 

      Cournia, Zoe (BRFAA, 2016-10-21)
      Principles of Computer-Aided Drug Design
    • prsn 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • prw 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • ps 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • psl 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • PSOMI - VERSION 1 

      Bigovic, Miljan; Zecevic, Zarko (2016-12)
    • Reginal Climate Model simulation for Caucasus Region 

      Mikuchadze, George (George Mikuchadze, 2017-04-18)
      RegCM4 simulations over Caucasus region for the long and middle time periods with the different land models (BATS for ver. and CLM4.5 for ver. 4.6.0). We calculated Precipitation, Evaporation, Temperature (daily ...
    • Riveel3D 

      Wehmeier, Colter (2017)
      A mobile viewing platform for viewing artifacts and media in appropriate locations using GPS coordinates.
    • rlds 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • rlus 

      Katragkou, Eleni
    • rlut 

      Katragkou, Eleni